Discover the wild side of the Lussier Family Heritage Center through a variety of public and private educational programs. Many of our programs are conducted in collaboration with The Friends of Capital Springs Recreation Area.    

Our Mission
Lussier Family Heritage Center is a multi-use, educational & interpretive facility serving a diverse population that provides opportunities for youth & adult learning, volunteerism, outdoor recreation and special events. 

Our Program

The Lussier Family Heritage Center is part of Dane County Parks and the Dane County Land & Water Resources Department.  Our education program focuses on connecting and educating our community on the importance of the natural resources here in Dane County and beyond.  Dane County is incredibly unique due to the geology and landscape carved by glaciers or left untouched. The county is home to 69 named lakes and ponds, over 475 miles of streams and rivers, and more than 52,000 acres of wetlands.  Through workshops, experiences, hands-on trainings, and programs we hope to connect our community with the important natural resources in Dane County. The programs and educational opportunities we offer are guided by the needs of our community. To get involved as a community volunteer, visit our volunteer page.  

Upcoming Events

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