Scavenger Hunt

This activity is fun for all ages. Each month we will put out a scavenger hunt on one of the trails near the Lussier Family Heritage Center. You can participate in the scavenger hunt challenge by finding all 10 of the signs along the trail and completing the challenge listed below. You can win a prize by emailing your completed challenge to:

Spring is just around the corner! To celebrate we have put up a new scavenger hunt, in English and in Spanish. Start by the Capital City Trail parking lot (across the street from the Heritage Center) and head west. We have put up 10 signs each with a secret word. Find all ten words to uncover a secret phrase. Email the secret phrase to us ( to win a prize!

¡La primavera se acerca rápidamente! Para celebrarlo, hemos organizado una nueva búsqueda de teseros, en inglés y español. Comience en el estacionamiento de Capital City Trail (al otro lado de la calle del Lussier Family Heritage Center) y diríjase hacia el oeste. Hemos colocado 10 carteles cada uno con una palabra secreta. Encuentra las diez palabras para descubrir una frase secreta. Envíenos un correo electrónico con la frase secreta ( para ganar un premio.

Map / Directions