Scavenger HuntScavenger hunt child and parent in snow

Come explore the parks surrounding the Lussier Family Heritage Center by completing the bi-monthly Scavenger Hunt! This fun activity for all ages will feature different animals and facts about Wisconsin! If you find all the scavenger hunt signs you can email, with something you learned to win a prize. Don’t forget to take pictures; feel free to send them in to be featured on our Instagram!

This activity is fun for all ages. Each month we will put out a scavenger hunt on one of the trails near the Lussier Family Heritage Center. You can participate in the scavenger hunt challenge by finding all 10 of the signs along the trail and completing the challenge listed below. You can win a prize by emailing your completed challenge to:

How many overwintering birds can you find?

Current Dates: November 1 - December 31

Location: Capital Springs Recreation Area Trailhead - From South Town Drive, Turn left on Lake Farm Road, pass the Heritage Center, turn left on Libby Road. Follow until you have passed “Lunney Lake Farm Park”, park in the small lot across from the Boat Launch Parking area.


There have been over 400 bird species found in the state of Wisconsin! More than half are regularly spotted throughout the state. Find the signs to determine which birds you will most likely see in your neighborhood during the winter. These birds eat seeds, nuts, bugs, and more! They also need a range of habitat to survive such as prairies, deciduous and conferous woodlands, water sources, and other vaulable resources. There are 10 Signs are hidden around the trail, each with a different bird that you can see in wisconsin during the winter. Find all 10 and email us something you learned to win a prize! (while supplies last).