Free Fun Weekend in Dane County Parks

Event Dates

  • 06/04/2022
  • 06/05/2022

Event Description

Dane County Parks is offering a permit-free weekend on June 4th and 5th. Many activities that normally require a permit will be free so Dane County Park visitors can try out new activities.

This includes:

Lake Access: Dane County lakes, rivers, and streams offer abundant opportunities for boating, fishing and paddling adventures.

Dog Parks: The Dane County Park system has eight off-leash dog parks, totaling 268 acres, each with its own unique features and terrain. All dogs must still be legally licensed and vaccinated and follow the dog park rules.

Disc Golf: Dane County Parks provides two premier disc golf courses:

  • Vallarta-Ast Course at Token Creek (27 holes): recognized as one of the top courses in the United States and hosts national and world-wide competitions.
  • Capital Springs (18 holes): laid out over rolling glacial drumlins surrounded by picturesque prairie areas. This course offers bicycle access off the Capital City Trail.

Capital City Trail: one of the most popular shared-use bicycle/pedestrian trails in the county.

Mountain Bike Trails: Dane County Parks offers a variety opportunities for mountain bikers and includes single-track mountain bike trails at three locations throughout the year (including winter). The free permit weekend only includes CamRock County Park and the Seminole Mountain Bike Trails.

Equestrian Trails: Equestrians have access to more than 26 miles of trails in five different parks, each with its own unique features and terrain.

The public can also visit the prairies in our parks and natural areas which are currently in full bloom and alive with butterflies, birds, and wildlife. With over 17,000 acres of land and 100 miles of trails owned by the county, there is no shortage of ways to get out and explore the amazing resources our county has to offer. Visiting Dane County Parks for walking, hiking and nature exploration never requires a permit to park or visit.


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