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Field Trips

Our field trips can be designed to work with a preexisting group, such as schools, scout groups, homeschool groups, senior centers, afterschool organizations, or non-profits. Programs are held on a Dane County Park property. Note, that not all parks are suitable for every program. We will work with your group to determine the best location. Programs listed are tailored for 1.5 hour session.

Cost per program:

  • $5 for each youth participant (with minimum of $50 dollars)
  • $10 per adult (with a minimum of $100)

Payment is due 2 weeks before your trip.

Program Fee Assistance
Lussier Family Heritage Center is a Nature Net Partner. You may qualify for up to $300 program fee assistance to use towards bussing or participant costs. For more information, visit the Nature Net website.  

Explore our different field trip offerings below and then fill out the Field Trip Request Form with your preferred date. The form will block off the whole day for you. We will contact you to finalize details for the day including the specific time you would like the program. To inquire about having a presentation on environmental topics at your location, email 


Program Offerings

Prairie Adventure (K-8)
Come explore the prairie with us! Did you know less than 1% of Wisconsin prairies still exists? Discover why prairie plants are important for our ecosystem and pollinators, including bees, butterflies and birds. Grades 5+ will take part in an owl pellet dissection, Grades K-4 will get to create a fun craft.

Trees All Around Us (Grades K-5)
Trees provide essential opportunities for life. Learn about how to identify trees and explore the parts of a tree. Students will practice identify tress throughout the space they are in and learn how the role of trees makes an impact of forest animal relationships. 

Birds, Birds, Birds! (K-8)
Our prairie is great location to spot various bird species. Students will learn how to use binoculars and the basics of what to look for during birding. This will include a short hike and observation activities. Grades kindergarten through 2nd grade will learn the basics of learn the basics of bird identification and how to use binoculars on a short hike around the prairie. Grades 3 through 8 will learn the basics of bird identification as well as a special focus on owls. This age group’s program includes dissecting an owl pellet.

Precious Plants (K-2nd)

Plants are an integral part of our everyday lives and bring life to everything around them. Learn basic plant identification skills, concepts of photosynthesis, decomposition and the importance of plants. This program will include a craft, games and a hike. 

Survival Skills (3rd and up)
What do all organisms need to survive? Learn how importance of shelter, water, and food allow for all living organisms to thrive through shelter building and more. Group will practice fire starting, basic knots, and shelter building in our forested area.

Fishing Adventure (3rd and up)
Is your group interested in learning how to fish? This is the program for you. Learn how to cast, bait, and catch fish along the shore or on one of our fishing piers. Staff will assist participants with removing fish and releasing them back into the water. Break up the day with a fun fish-focused game and learn to identify common Wisconsin fish. Fishing equipment is provided.

CSI: Critter Scene Investigation (3rd – 8th)
Use your crime scene investigation skills in this animal identification program to discover the wildlife in Wisconsin. Learn how to investigate clues to determine what types of wildlife have been visiting our area and how they are surviving.  You may even find a new favorite animal during this interactive program!

Team Building (3rd and up)
Need a chance to work better together? This program will lead your group through various challenges to practice their communication, leadership, trust and more. 

Aquatic Adventure (3rd and up)
Have you ever wondered what is in a healthy lake or pond? Join us as we dive into pond and lake ecology! This program includes a story and a game about healthy aquatic ecosystems, a trip to the nearby lake and pond to discover frogs, dragonflies, snails, water bugs, turtles and more. We will become scientists, collecting water samples and critters, identifying them and determining the health of our waters.

Bike Adventure (3rd and up)
Join us for a bike ride along the Lower Yahara River Trail through restored prairies, oak woodlands, past marshes, and over a boardwalk bridge across Lake Waubesa. There will be fun games along the way, a break along Lake Waubesa, and a stop at our tower overlook. This gentle bike ride with minimal hills is fun for all ages and ability levels. 

Conservation Warriors (5th and up)
Join us to help complete a conservation project. Youth who complete service projects growing up are likely to become adults who give back. This is a great opportunity to learn what conservation is and all the different actions we can take to preserve our natural environment. Please ensure your group wears long pants, sleeves and closed-toed shoes for this program to enter areas of brush. Activity changes based on season. When paired with another program, this program is free!

Learn to Camp (5th and up)
Join us for a night under the stars at a group campsite. We will provide the gear (tents, cooking materials, fire wood, sleeping bags, and more) and activities to enjoy the night outdoors. During the evening, we will cook on the fire and then complete a night hike before hunkering down at the campfire for s’mores and relaxing. In the morning we will get up, make breakfast, and complete one more activity from the list above before packing up and heading out for the day. This program runs between the hours of 4 pm and noon. Note this is a sleepover experience and subject to additional pricing.

Learn to Geocache (5th and up)
Want to be a modern day treasure hunter? In this program the group will learn the basics of navigation using a GPS device to find a hidden geocache box. This a recreation activity you can do for a lifetime with caches hidden all around the world!