WI Wetlands Association: The Trumpet in the Orchestra of Evolution - Lussier Family Heritage Center
Event Dates
  • 05/28/2019 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Event Description

The Trumpet in the Orchestra of Evolution: Wetlands and Sandhills in Wisconsin

Sandhill cranes are the most numerous of the world’s fifteen crane species. They inhabit many varied places in North America – and Asia! – in both migratory and non-migratory populations. Here in Wisconsin, they are irrevocably linked to our treasured wetlands; join us to learn how protecting our Wisconsin wetlands has led to one of North America’s greatest conservation success stories.

About the presenter:

Anne Lacy, Crane Research Coordinator for the International Crane Foundation, has nearly 20 years of experience researching the Sandhill Crane. Anne currently coordinates the long-term Sandhill Crane research program and recently began working with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, of which ICF is a founding member, to study the newly reintroduced Whooping Cranes in Wisconsin.

This presentation is part of a series of events across the state this year put on by Wisconsin Wetlands Association to celebrate its 50 years of protecting wetlands.

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Lussier Family Heritage Center

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